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Gamified New Hire Orientation: A Case Study

Gamified Induction with GamifyEasy

Gamified New Hire Orientation: A Case Study

One of the many use cases for gamification is a new hire orientation program. Since organizations are conducting new hire orientation sessions virtually, the questions being asked:

  • How can we make the orientation program more exciting and engaging?
  • How can we enhance peer-to-peer interaction between new hires?
  • How can we develop a sense of camaraderie and belongingness amongst new hires?

ITC Limited, a large conglomerate based in Kolkata, India, recently conducted a virtual orientation for 110 new hires. Using GamifyEasy, the learning team deployed short quizzes at the end of each orientation session. The quizzes were played in teams, increasing peer-to-peer interaction, generating healthy competition, and gamifying the knowledge check at the end of each day.

Why was this better than regular quizzes?

Regular quizzes allow little or no peer-to-peer interaction possibilities. With GamifyEasy, learners not only participate individually but interact and take decisions in groups. This interaction enables participants to learn from each other and drives a sense of camaraderie and belongingness.

How long did the games last?

The game sessions lasted 45 minutes and were scheduled towards the end of each day’s sessions.

What were the outcomes?

The game sessions were keenly contested, and participants discussed questions, scores, and results long after the sessions were over.

How did team members interact with other team members?

The game sessions ran over Zoom. Team members worked in team breakout rooms and could interact through the text chatbox.

What devices were participants using?

Most participants were on laptops. Few participants joined through smartphones and iPads.

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