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Create gamified, multiplayer interactive case studies and behavioral simulations to engage your virtual learners.

What is GamifyEasy

It's the easiest way to bring gamification to live, virtual learning. 

Gamify Platform

Works with your favourite video conferencing tool



With its powerful Do It Yourself (DIY) features, GamifyEasy puts the power in your hands.

Design Games

Not Just Quizzes

Why should gamificaton only mean quizzes? With GamifyEasy, create interactive case studies, gamified behavioural simulations, and virtual board games. Of course, you can create quizzes too.

Live and Collaborative

Create virtual teams to leverage the power of peer-to-peer learning. Students challenge each other, interact in meaningful ways, and keep each other engaged and motivated throughout the learning event.
Create Game Worlds

Design Unique Gameworlds

Excite your learners with your unique game designs. Import your own assets or use the in-built asset library to design your own games; complete with beautiful layouts, maps, icons, and game pieces.

Loved by 30,000+ learners in
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The magic is in the reviews. What our learners say
“Never thought virtual training could be so interesting”
"One of the best programs I have attended. I learned how to handle my stakeholders. It was fun and knowledgeable. Loved the interaction and gamification"
"I was skeptical when I enrolled for this program. I wanted to give a try and leave half way if it was not interesting. I didn’t know how the 4 hrs passed by. Using online games as a methodology to help us understand the concepts is really amazing. Thank you so much for such an interactive session."

How It Works

Short video explainers about the GamifyEasy platform. Note: We are currently in Beta, so a lot of what you will see in these videos could change in future releases.