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To bring meaningful gamification​ to every classroom


We love games and we want everyone to play

We built GamifyEasy to support teachers, educators, trainers, and organizations in bringing delightful, meaningful, and engaging learning to classrooms everywhere - physical or virtual.

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Our Story

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On March 24, 2020, as India went into lockdown, our team went into a huddle. Before the lockdown, our team was creating and playing boardgames and learning games with thousands of people. The simple question that rallied the team – how to replicate the magic of in person games in the virtual world?

Over the next few weeks, we designed and developed our first virtual games and learners absolutely loved them. The games were not only fun to play, but they were meaningful and the engagement constructive. Before we knew, our games had been played by 16000 players in 50+ organizations. Once we knew that the methodology worked and the learning outcomes were promising, we endeavoured to build a Do It Yourself (DIY) platform so anyone could design and play learning games.

GamifyEasy was born. GamifyEasy now powers over 50 virtual games, that have been played by 19000 learners in 60+ organizations.